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Underage drinking and "Minor DUI" enforcement are now a point of emphasis throughout Washington State. Our DUI lawyers can help.

Driver under twenty one after consuming alcohol or marijuana (RCW 46.61.503)

While a charge of driving under twenty one after consuming alcohol is not a DUI, it should be taken just as seriously. There are many similarities between the two. You may receive jail time, fines, probation, court ordered alcohol and drug treatment, and more! Often, this type of charge is the first time an individual has ever had police contact and it can be quite frightening.

It is important to contact an experienced Minor DUI attorney quickly to start preparing your case.  Our drunk driving lawyers offer a free initial consultation where we can answer all of your questions.

While the per se blood alcohol legal limit is clearly shown on signs and public notice advertisements as .08 – that only applies for people who care legally allowed to drink. An individual under 21 is not allowed to drink and thus has a legal limit of .02. That limit is extremely low and very easy to go above after just one drink.

Even if you feel perfectly fine, odds are you are above the limit if you had something to drink. If a minor has a BAC level above .08, he or she will be charged with a standard DUI. However, if the minor has a BAC above .02 but less than a .08, he or she most likely will be charged with driving under twenty one after consuming alcohol, also called a “baby” DUI.

A DUI is normally charged as a gross misdemeanor while a “baby” DUI is a misdemeanor, which means the maximum penalty is 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Washington treats marijuana consumption for a minor similarly. If you have a THC concentration above 0.00, but less than 5, then you can be charged with driving under twenty one after consuming marijuana.

If you have a THC concentration above 5 (which is a very low threshold too!) then you will be charged with a standard adult DUI. Obviously, this means the State takes marijuana consumption before driving very seriously and minors as well as adults should also treat it as such.

You have your whole life in front of you. It is important that you have an experienced attorney on your side to fight for your rights and try to preserve your record. We understand this is a frightening situation and you might feel like there is no hope, but trust us, you do not want to give up. Contact one of our Washington State legal offices to speak to a criminal defense attorney about your options and we will answer your questions.