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Domestic Violence

Being convicted of domestic violence (DV) has severe consequences. In addition to the stigma of the conviction, you are facing jail, fines, probation, loss of gun rights, no contact orders, DV treatment, and possibly more!

It is important to have an attorney you can rely on who will be able to get the Prosecutor to listen to your side of the story. Our Washington domestic violence attorneys are ready to answer your questions and to start preparing your defense.

The difference between non-DV and Domestic violence is the relationship between the two parties. A domestic relationship is more than simply husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend. It also includes ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends (even if they were in a same-sex relationship), as well as brothers and sisters, mothers and daughters, step-fathers and step-daughters, and many more.

Additionally, many people do not realize it but any type of crime between two people with a domestic relationship can be classified as DV. For example, an ex-wife who keys her ex’s car can be charged with DV malicious mischief. A step-son who punches his step-father would be charged with DV assault. 

Washington State's domestic violence laws can be complicated.

Often, DV cases arise out of arguments where one party calls the police to get the other party to calm down. What people don’t understand is once that call has been made, the police will be involved and what happens is out of the two parties’ hands. There is no such thing as a party “pressing charges.”

The decision to prosecute is not up to the parties, it is up to the prosecutor. Even if both parties want the case dismissed, it does not mean it will be. The prosecutor can and often will continue to prosecute the case even against the wishes of the “victim.”

Being charged with domestic violence is very stressful. We know you will probably be ordered to have no contact with the alleged victim. We understand this means you might have to move out of your house and find a new place to live – despite the fact you might not be able to pay for both places at the same time. Fortunately, you don't have to stand before the court alone.

Washington DV attorneys who know the laws and the court systems.

We handle criminal cases from Bellingham to Olympia and handle all Washington State Municipal Court cases and all District Court cases.  If your charges have been filed in either a city court or your local county District Court, you can assume that you are being charged with either a  Misdemeanor or a Gross Misdemeanor.

We also handle many felony domestic violence cases, which are always filed in your local county Superior Court.

Our Washington State criminal lawyers will be with you every step of the process.  Your first court appearance will be your arraignment, which cannot be waived under Washington State criminal law.  A not guilty plea will be entered and the judge will typically as for recommendations regarding conditions of release.

They typically include a No-Contact Order with the victim, and many spouses are not allowed to return to their home, at least until the case is resolved.  No-Contact

are here to answer your questions and help you walk through the minefield that is a domestic violence charge.